Virgo (Limited Edition Hat & Personal Tarot Reading), Chris Corsini x Meshika

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Limited Edition Hats, Chris Corsini x Meshika (

The colors & designs of these hats are inspired by their elemental influence, astrology, specific crystal choices, all provided with the guidance of Psychic Intuitive, Chris Corsini. This combination will not only help you feel great about your journey moving forward but keep you looking great while you venture into the New Energetic Year. This hat also includes a FREE Tarot Reading! You'll receive a follow up email with details within the week!

Virgo hat includes Authentic Lapis Lazuli & Pyrite Crystals - Lapis Lazuli is an ancient stone that provides you with the confidence to speak your truth & stand in your power. This stone enhances creativity, brings clarity to the mind & stimulates self-expression while tapping into the wisdom of your ancestors. Pyrite is a powerful protection stone which shields against negative vibrations. It simulates intellect & enhances memory.

Bone 100% Beaver Fedora

3 3/4 “ Brim with 4” Fedora Crown

Vintage silk Fabric Wrap

Vintage Rope Band

Authentic Lapis Lazul Stone Wrap

Authentic Pyrite Stones around band

Collectors Virgo Meshika Card

Signature Meshika Sterling Silver Lanza

This will be made custom to your size after purchase.

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