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Meet The Deaf Artist

Alessio is an Italian-born, Queer Deaf Artist living in Toronto, Canada where he continues to study & develop his skills in Art, Illustration, & Design. Together, we have combined our passion, skills, and creativity to bring you these incredible Zodiac ASL-Inspired pieces. This collaboration is a step forward proving that we are stronger together - and who better to collab with than an intelligent, beautiful, queer, Aquarius!? Welcome to 2022 - the Age Of Aquarius; it's time to raise each other up!

 Please check out his introduction video below!

Your Purchase Supports The Following:

All sales directly benefit the Deaf Artist and other members of the Deaf Community by providing subsidized Accessibility Services, Deaf Artist Grants, and Paid-Collaborations! The Organic Fair-Trade Textiles used are part of a movement supporting People First; these are Sweatshop-Free, Solar-Power energy supported facilities that uphold the highest factory & workplace standards. We create virtually Zero Waste by using scraps for other products and Eco-Friendly Dye Machines using 7x less water. The water that is used is Filtered & Recycled before it goes back into the environment. All of the facilities are Platinum Certified through W.R.A.P., an Independent Watchdog Organization ensuring workspaces are Certified Safe, Lawful, Humane, and Ethical. All of our items are delivered in Environmentally-Conscious Packaging with an honest intention to Reduce Waste and offset our Carbon Footprint.---This is not just a piece of clothing - you're helping us all move into the Age of Aquarius with Respect, Equity, & Fairness..and you LOOK GOOD doin' it!

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