Inward Boutique and Wellness, Corp. (IBW) is actively sourcing for immediate hire in the following position. All applicants considered must be fluent in written English. IBW is an equal-opportunity employer and is proud to provide equal employment opportunities to all job seekers. We are actively committed to ensuring that no individual is discriminated against on the grounds of age, disability, gender, marriage or civil partnership status, pregnancy and maternity/paternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation. Equity and diversity are at the core of our recruitment policy because we believe that they foster creativity and efficiency. We believe that our diversity makes us whole. IBW will continue to support our communities and uphold our company beliefs.

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OVERVIEW: Reporting to the Operations Director and to the CMO, the Customer Relationship Management Agent (CRMA) will be responsible for engaging with key customers by building and preserving trusting relationships. CRMA supports customers by providing helpful information, answering questions, and responding to complaints; resolves any emerging problems that the consumers might be facing regarding efficiency and accuracy; serves as a liaison between the customers and the business, helping with orders, issues, errors, cancellations, billing, and other queries, and ensuring that customers are satisfied with products, services, and features. The CRMA will also play a key role in providing information and feedback to our Marketing team.

We are prioritizing candidates from the communities we directly serve: Deaf, Disabled, BIPOC, LGBTQ+. Whenever needed, access to an ASL/English Interpreter will be available & ready for any members of the team; timing will depend on our roster of interpreters & their availability; preferred interpreters are welcome if qualified/trained appropriately. Interpreters will be provided as soon as logistically possible. This position will also be supported by recorded videos and/or other supportive visual resources.

● Education: Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Sales, Business Administration or a related field
● Training & Experience: 2+ years of experience in a CRM role, with proven success in developing and implementing loyalty/CRM strategies
● Excellent interpersonal and communication skills: Strong understanding of customer behavior and value drivers in retention models.

  • Ability to compose English correspondence/communication that reflects the
    values and energy of IBW. Able to navigate complex or challenging verbal and written exchanges. An interpreter and video options will be made available.
    ● Elevated EQ: Ability to stay calm when customers are stressed or upset; hopeful/optimistic demeanor;
    ● Organizational and analytical skills: Excellent planning, organizational and project management skills.
    Knowledge of CRM segmentation, campaign and email management.
    ● Proficient with computers and digital sales platforms: Asana, Zendesk, MS Office, Shopify, Airtable, Sendowl, AcuityScheduling, Slack, Zoom, etc.
    ● Mutable to change: IBW is a fast-moving, startup organization focused on exceptional client/customer/community engagement and service. Change is ever-present as we grow the organization. An ability to be at ease with change and an expansive mindset is essential

    The CRMA should ensure customer satisfaction and provide professional customer support. His/Her/Their duties and responsibilities generally include answering emails, responding to customer questions and complaints, and walking customers through basic troubleshooting or setup processes.

Communication Skills:
● Responds attentively to questions and concerns and promptly responds with a resolution according to company guidelines;
● Provides support for Coordinating Events (live workshops, branded events, IG Live collaborations, Zoom Meetings, Music Video Shoots, etc.);
● Communicates and coordinates with colleagues as necessary;
Organizational & Coordination Skills, and detail-oriented:
● Documents personal information to create, update or adjust customer accounts;
● Prepares related information for purposes of auditing and reporting;
● Provides feedback on the efficiency of the customer service process;
● Knows our products “inside and out” enabling thorough responses to questions;
● Ensures customer satisfaction; Management and Strategy:
● Contributes to the creation of models against lifetime value, retention, churn, loyalty, and advocacy programs.
● Assists in the formation of ongoing CRM strategies as well as the weekly/monthly/annual departmental calendars that enable continuous and consistent testing, learning, and optimization in order to maximize
consumers’ lifetime value.
● Structures CRM activities with a view to maximizing KPI improvement, ROI, and business impact.

Analytical/Technical Skills:
● Communicates with customers through various channels via email/online chat (Zendesk);
● Manages orders using SendOwl and Paypal and provides clients with technical support for our digital
products (workshops, live event tickets, giveaways, zoom links, etc)
● Updates the Shopify website, sets up email campaigns and builds automation
● Provides insight into consumer journey mapping and works closely with marketing on this.

Our immediate needs require someone entirely fluent in North American English with a Strong Capacity to communicate via/Comprehend Written English; we require an individual from North or South America (because of the Time Zone) who is available for a remote part-time position (20 hr/week) that will work collaboratively to understand business and customer needs and advise on industry best practices and standards related to email marketing and customer support.

Compensation for this position will fall within the range of $22.00-$27.00 an hour.


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