Meet The Artist

Hi! I am Alessio, I am from Italy, currently living in Toronto, Canada. Queer and Aquarius. I am Deaf from a Deaf family.

Since a kid, I have had a passion for art, then I am always been interested in design and illustration.
This year, I’ve finally enrolled in college to study Illustration and to improve my artistic skills. I have happily collaborated with Chris Corsini for this special collection of t-shirts with designs of all 12 zodiacs in ASL made by me. The designs I have made for this collection are inspired by a modern tattoo type that meets graphic design. With Chris’ deep expertise in the horoscope, I have been able to achieve proper messages and symbolism of each zodiac design. I am myself drawn in horoscope and I think what we have done is very cool.

I am excited and I am looking forward to you spreading sign language with us!

Each sale will directly benefit the deaf community, each item will be packaged in eco-friendly bags, with environmentally conscious, limited packaging.


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