Smoke Bundles

Smoke Bundles

Wildly Foraged, Locally Grown, Ethically Harvested, and Reiki Charged.

Meet The Herbalist


Each bundle honors the legacy of Indigenous ancestral wisdoms, and supports you in connecting with your own ancestral practices in non-appropriative ways. While working with these bundles, we encourage you to reflect on your own lineage and connection to Land, Power and Spirit.


Smoke Bundle Trio



Smoke Bundle Duo


Meet the Herbalist

Indigo Rising
- Billie•Sol-

Billie•Sol (they/them) is an herbalist and energy worker dedicated to connecting the collective to body and land sovereignty through self-care practices. As an Aries sun, Pisces moon, & Libra rising, Billie holds a fierce grounding in the transformative role relationship and imagination plays in envisioning a future that is liberated & loving. Their handmade, wild crafted cleansing bundles work to bring ancestral spirit medicine to our collective healing. When used in daily meditation, these bundles help Sol envision a world in which Indigenous sovereignty and Black/Trans liberation is actualized daily through community systems of care. A world where we all feel the autonomy to connect within & attune to our most divine & free selves.

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